Weight Loss: Why you should eat with your non-dominant hand


Apart from eating healthy, a big challenge for people wanting to lose weight is to control their habit of mindless eating. For binge eaters and those who flout their weight loss diets often, this is a big problem which doesn’t let their weight move downwards on the scale. No wonder then, they look for tricks and tips to eat less – a small plate, blue cutlery or having water before a meal are some of the suggestions many people swear by. But do you know there is a new method which can help you control your portions and it is verified by researchers. It is eating with your non-dominant hand.

The trick
Have you ever tried writing with your non-dominant hand in your childhood? We all have! In fact we all the guilty of giving it a try secretly in our room. It is time to give it a try again for weight loss. Having a meal with your non-dominant hand can actually help you to eat less and can help prevent binge eating.

What the study says
As per a study conducted by the University of Southern California, simply switching the hand you eat with can help to control your calories consumption. So, if you are a left-handed person then have your meal with your right hand and vice versa. The researchers conducted this study on a few individuals eating popcorn at the movie and it was found that eating with the opposite hand helps people to eat less.

Why this trick works
It is quite inconvenient and disruptive to eat with the non-dominant hand, but the effect is much stronger. Switching your hand makes you more conscious of your eating behaviors and makes you eat less. If you are trying to cut down the intake of unhealthy food then just switch your hand.

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