What diabetic people should have for a filling breakfast


New Delhi: People who suffer from type 2 diabetes are well aware of the diet restrictions that they should follow, and that they should be regular in their exercise. Diabetes management is no child’s play, but little regulations can help in keeping blood sugar under control. When it comes to diet, diabetics need to be extra careful.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day if you want to stay healthy and fit, and the same holds true for diabetic people as well. However, they may often find themselves in a fix about what is the best diet to follow for breakfast to ensure healthy blood sugar levels. Here is the perfect breakfast diet that diabetic people can incorporate in their diet to stay healthy and keep blood sugar managed.

Recent researches have suggested that eating a plant-based diet is extremely healthy for diabetics. While some people use ‘plant-based’ synonymously with vegan, research has shown that diabetics can include some carbohydrates and animal protein in their diabetic diet.

Breakfast is a slightly tricky meal because while it is extremely important, especially for diabetics to break that fast caused due to sleep hours, it is also difficult to invest a lot of time in it since you have to step out of the house, go to work, run errands. Here is a quick, wholesome breakfast meal you can make for yourself.

Eggs/Oats with a glass of milkshake makes for a perfect breakfast for a diabetic diet

Breakfast has to be satiating so that you do not feel hungry or crave sugar or food till lunch-time. One food item that definitely produces a feeling of fullness is eggs. Hard-boiled eggs are the way to go if you are looking for a diabetic-friendly, healthy and filling food. However, if you do not eat egg, and want to stick to a strict plant-based diet, oats may be a good option as well. Oats are nutritious, improve insulin sensitivity, and can be topped with high-fibre fruits, nuts and seeds, which make them a great option for a diabetic diet.

To accompany the solid food, you can make yourself a milkshake with low-fat milk and naturally sweet fruit, to reduce the use of sugar. Berries are a great source of antioxidants and nutrients, even bananas can be a great ingredient for a fruit milkshake.

These two foods should be enough to keep you full till lunch-time, and also help in keeping your blood sugar under control.

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