What is custard apple and why must you add it to your daily diet!


This sweet yet creepy looking fruit might take you back to the good old childhood days, when plucking every block of this fruit and indulging in its enticing taste was an absolute delight! But did you know this no-so popular fruit is loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants that can give your body the much needed boost of immunity and metabolism.

In fact, the little fruit can help in regenerating the cell damage in the body caused due to the presence of free radicals in the environment and its high antioxidant composition makes it a super fruit. Here are a few more reasons why adding Custard Apple to your diet is a great idea!

What makes Custard apple so healthy? Custard apple is a powerhouse of essential nutrients like Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, vitamin C and calcium. Interestingly, the potassium and magnesium present in custard apple helps in dilating the blood in the vessel, dialating blood vessels which further improves heart health, manages blood pressure and prevents any blockage in the arteries. The presence of vitamin C and A makes it good for skin and hair health. Moreover, eating custard apples can help in naturally boosting immunity. Here are a few more health benefits of adding custard apple to your daily diet.

Treats dysentery and diarrhoea

The presence of copper content in this fruit helps in relieving constipation. Moreover, eating this fruit also helps in curing dysentery and diarrhoea. Apart from that, the presence of Vitamin A makes it a great food for metabolism and improves digestion.

Fights muscle weakness

Magnesium present in custard apple helps in maintaining a healthy water balance in the body and also helps in reducing inflammation. A healthy water balance in the body helps in removing toxins and acids from the body, which further helps in improving rheumatism and arthritis.

Improves brain health
Custard apple is a great source of Vitamin B6, which helps in improving brain functioning by stimulating the creation of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. This further helps in improving brain health and reducing depression and mood swings naturally.

Easy Custard apple recipes you must try today!
Custard Apple Pudding

To make this easy and healthy pudding, begin with scooping out the pulp of the 3 custard apples by removing the seeds.

Ensure that you do not include the exterior peel or seeds as they may contain some amount of inedible components.

In a blender, blend in the pulp into a smooth paste.

Next, heat a pan over medium flame and in 1 litre milk. Keep stirring until it is reduced to half, then add in the pulp along with a dash of cinnamon. Keep cooking the pudding.

Allow it reduce further and add ½ cup condensed milk along with ½ cup roasted dry fruits and nuts. Pour the mixture in glasses and garnish with some honey and whipped cream after refrigerating.

Custard Apple jar

To make this quick dish, just soak oats overnight in a glass jar, you can soak ½ cup oats in ½ cup almond milk, 2 teaspoon chia seeds mix it well and refrigerate.

Next, de seed and extract the flesh of one custard apple and blend it well.

Before eating the dish, make a fresh blend of custard apple, pour it over the soaked oats and chia seeds, mix it well, add in fresh berries or fruits, nuts and top it with whipped cream and relish.

Custard apples are naturally sweet, thus you don’t need to add extra sugar!

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