World Hand Hygiene Day: Follow these 5 steps to wash your hands the right way!


New Delhi: May 5 is celebrated as World Hand Hygiene Day and is a WHO initiative. It aims to spread awareness about the need for the cleanliness of hands to avoid diseases and infections. The theme for the day this year in 2019 is ‘Clean Care for All – It is in your hands’.

Just like charity, cleanliness also begins at home. The most important thing is to teach your children and family members to wash their hands the right way. Just rinsing them through the water once or twice a day may not be enough to keep the germs and diseases away. You must learn to wash your hands the right way. It is easy and quick and can go a long way in keeping you healthy. Here is a 5 step process to keep your hands clean and healthy, this World Hand Hygiene Day.

Choose the right soap

It is important to understand that soaps are made for two purposes – a few soaps are beauty soaps, while some of them are designed to kill off germs from our hands. You must pick the right soap, go through their ingredients and know the purpose for which it is made. Handwash liquids are now considered better for washing hands now since the liquid never comes in direct contact with other people’s hands.

Lather properly

The next step is to dampen your hands, and lather the soap well in your hands, to wash off the dirt and germs from it. A lot of people just touch the soap and wash it off from their hands to get the satisfaction of washing their hands. It is important to lather the soap properly and rinse it properly between your hands.

Don’t miss the fingers

Our fingers are the part of our hands that come the most in contact with things, and therefore can be carriers of germs. It is important to wash your fingers thoroughly with soap and water, and not miss the Vs between your fingers. Dirt and dead skin cell residue can get accumulated between the fingers and contaminate your food if it comes in contact.

Clean your nails and cuticles

Another part of your hands that require special attention and care are your fingernails and cuticles. Dry cuticles can lead to dirty nails, and dirt and germs caught in the nails can contaminate food, transfer germs to things and other people and cause infections and diseases. You must keep your nails and cuticles clean to avoid such problems.

Use a clean towel to dry

Very often, we clean our hands pretty well but use a dirty washcloth to pat them dry and transfer germs back to our hands, making the whole effort go in vain. It is important to use a clean, dry towel to wipe our hands with after washing them well with soap and water.

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