You can make this Korean facial essence at home and include it in your skincare routine


Since the last few years, people have been putting all their trust in the Korean beauty regime and lately, their facial essence has gained popularity. Although, not a lot of people know about its importance and the usage. Hence, we decided to give you some details about the Korean facial essence and how you can make some at the comfort of your home.

Well, it isn’t a toner, if you are doubting it to be. It is basically a liquid that moisturizes your skin and stays on it like a primer for makeup with loads of benefits. The facial essence is quite similar to a serum but contains lesser molecular weight than many other creams. The function of this liquid is to deeply moisturize the skin and hydrate it with concentrated levels of active ingredients. Also, a facial essence is very important if you wish to achieve glowy skin.

Don’t rub it as an essence or dab it on a cotton pad. You need to treat it like a serum, take a few drops of it on your palm and gently press it on your face. Avoid dragging your hand on the skin.

You need – Oil, aloe vera juice or rose water, vegetable glycerin and an empty spray bottle.

Now, you need to take a travel-friendly bottle and wash it with water once before you rub some alcohol to sanitize it. Then, fill 85% of this bottle with aloe vera juice, add glycerine which has no smell or colour, post which you are supposed to add oil to this mixture. For dry skin, you can use argan oil or avocado oil. For combination skin, coconut oil or jojoba oil would be great. So add the oil according to your skin type and shake the bottle well to prepare the facial essence.

Once it is all ready, you can spray it on your face and even it out using your palms. You can then continue with your other skincare steps of using a serum, moisturizer and sunscreen.

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