20 different types of tattoo designs for women


Getting inked is in rage nowadays. Whether it’s Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut or Sushmita Sen, the trend has made its way into Bollywood as well. A tattoo, if carefully thought, reflects a part of your personality. It’s a subtle, simple message that you want the world to see. It could be just a simple quote, symbol, illustration or a mere dot…it has to be you and most importantly, worth all the pain. Tattoos have become a style statement today but they have a long and interesting history. In ancient Egypt, pregnant women used to tattoo a small web on their abdomen. As the size of the tummy grew, so did the tattoo and is symbolised protection of the baby in womb.

In fact, tattooing body parts of women has been a practice in many Indian tribal communities as well. Interestingly, women, especially their faces used to be inked to make them visually unappealing, and protect them from rival tribes. But finding what suits you the best from the pool of million options can be a confusing task. Plus, technology has not evolved enough to let you get rid of a tattoo with a click of fingers.

To simplify your task, we have categorized tattoos in 20 types for women and each one of it is special in its own way. Here, take a look…

If you are bitten by wanderlust, then a tattoo is a great option to express your love for it. It is meaningful and something you will never regret. It could something as minute as a word, a symbol like aeroplane, and can be as elaborate as a map. Whatever it be, it is a constant reminder of passion, something that motivates you to get up every day.