4 indoor exercises you can do to stay fit when air quality is bad


New Delhi: The air pollution levels in Delhi NCR do not seem to be reducing, and the conditions are alarming. Considering how toxic the air is, working out or exercising in the open may do more harm than good. Even the authorities like the CPCB have recommended people to stay indoors, as much as they can. It has also started getting cold outside, and older people or people who are more sensitive to the weather can face problems in exercising outdoors.

If you are one of such people, you need not worry. If you exercise regularly but are now worried if and how can you continue your exercise, here are 5 exercises that you can do indoors. These exercises will help to keep your body fit, and your weight managed.


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Planks are an exercise that everyone is scared of. However, it is an exercise that strengthens the whole body. Go on all fours, now fold your arms at the elbow and place them on the floor. Then drop down the core while moving your feet backwards. When your body reaches the position where it looks like a slightly inclined plank, hold the position and continue to breathe. Hold for as long as you can comfortably, and let go by going back to the position where you started.


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Another strength training exercise is push-ups. If you are a beginner, you can start with the push-ups on your knees. Go on all fours and use the strength of your shoulders and core to lift your upper body up and down. You may begin by doing the exercise in sets. 3 sets of 15-20 push-ups can help you achieve the right fitness levels.


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Crunches are another exercise that uses your core and can help you build muscle. Lie down flat on your back and fold your legs at the knees. Bring your arms at the back of your head and push your upper body, till your chest, upwards. Bring the body back down. You can do this exercise also in sets, similar to the push-ups.

Jumping jacks

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Another exercise for which you do not need to step out of the house is jumping jacks. It is a very easy and effective exercise that can also be used for warm-up. Stand tall with your feet apart, and your hands on the side. With a jump, move your legs out, and at the same time, move both your hands to the top of your head. Immediately, with another jump, bring back the hands and legs closer to the body. You can continue the exercise for 45 seconds to 1 minute.

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