4 ways to stop your fruit salad from turning brown


Easy ways to stop fruit salad from turning brown

We do everything we can, to stay healthy and fit and eating healthy is one of the most common ways of doing so! To eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet we often resort to fruit salad. Quick and easy to make a fruit salad including just the right fruits suffices for all the nutrients that are needed by our body. Working your way through glares and stares, if you manage to open a box of fruit salad on the lunch table, you are bound to be labeled as health conscious or diet conscious, and rightly so. Be it your diet consciousness or your laziness to actually cook a proper meal, a fruit salad is always a healthier and better choice for filling one’s appetite as well as providing a wholesome nutritious meal.

Brown fruits

Fruit salads also make a good choice of meal for young kids, who are usually fussy eaters. Most commonly used fruits in our daily lives include, bananas, apples, pears, etc. Some of you might even cut your fruits a night before to savour its taste in the morning only to find it turning brown.This happens when these fruits come in contact with air for a long time. Even though research and study shows that brown fruits do not lose their nutrient element or taste, but the meal sure does become less appealing and is less appetizing. Fruits turned brown happen to be a good excuse for kids to not have them which may compromise their physical and mental development.So, here are a few ways you can prevent your fruits from turning brown and then turning down all excuses of not having them.