5 Best Indian Drinks Recipes | Easy Indian Drinks Recipes


Indian Drinks Recipes: Whether it is the summer season or the winters, our body needs to be hydrated at all times to function. We need liquid for smooth functioning of digestive system and also to re-energise ourselves every now and then. Dealing with the hot summer season can be quite a challenge, especially with the heat waves, perspiration, dehydration, tanned skin and much more! During such harsh weather conditions, we need to load up on cooling beverages. While Ayurveda might contradict the consumption of beverages as they disrupt the digestive fire called ‘Agni’, the ancient science still encourages loading up on drinks, which help in lowering the body temperature. One of the best ways to balance the body temperature and have a happy digestion is to keep the body hydrated, loading up on water or water-based drinks.

Summer season is perhaps the best time to experiment with different types of drinks, and thankfully, Indian cuisine is packed with many. From chatpata jaljeera and kanji to sweet and nutty thandai, there are myriad of Indian summer drinks that you can try.

So whether you are greasing up in the summer heat or strolling in a chilly winter evening, there is a drink for every mood. Warm up with kahwa or pair your lunch with a tall glass of lassi, we promise you wouldn’t run out of Indian drinks options to choose from. We have listed down five of our best Indian drinks recipes that are so easy and quick that you can prepare at home with a few ingredients.

1. Thandai

Thick, creamy and ever-so-delightful, thandai is a special Indian drink that is prepared extensively across north Indian homes, especially during the festival of colours, Holi. Also known as Sardai, thandai is made with the goodness of almonds, fennel seeds, cardamom, rose water mixed together with milk. Served with beautiful rose petals on top, thandai is a delicious, nutty chilled beverage that you can prepare and relish during the summer season.

2. Lassi

Native to Punjab, lassi is an answer to all your summer sweet cravings that can instantly fill you up. Lassi is made by churning curd, thickened to cream consistency and topped with additional flavours. From mango, rose, saffron (kesar), khus or mint, lassi comes in mouth-watering flavours. You can make chaach instead of lassi by simply adding salt instead of sugar to the mix.

3. Jal Jeera

Brimming with cooling and healthy digestive properties, jaljeera is a refreshing drink and becomes everyone’s firm-favourite drink during the summer season. It is a peppy drink made with mint leaves, lemon juice, black salt and dry cumin seed powder. A combination of all this makes this drink perfect to promote digestion and also to keep bloating and acidity away.

4. Kanji

Kanji, or ‘Rai ka paani’, is a tangy mustard flavoured fermented drink. Prepared with vada, which are dipped in kanji, this tantalising drink is a local delight from Rajasthan. Kanji is known to hold excellent digestive qualities, and is served extensively during the festival of Holi along with many heavy sweets and delightful snacks to keep your digestive system stable.

5. Kahwa

A comforting hot beverage to prepare and snuggle with during the winter season, kahwa is a hot beverage that hails from the beautiful valley of Kashmir. Kahwa leaves simmered in water with cardamom, cinnamon sticks along with the nuttiness of almonds and a pinch of sugar that makes for a piping hot cup of kahwa.

These Indian drinks recipes are sure to never let you run out of options, regardless of what the season might be!

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