5-step guide to clean your make up brushes


We all are guilty of ignoring the hygiene of our make up brushes. We use them and then just tap them on a surface and put them back inside the make up bag. But do you know unhygienic brushes can lead to infections and also collect a lot of gunk.

Coming to how often you should clean your brushes, experts recommend cleaning them every time you use them – though we know it can be a challenge but once or twice a week is also ideal. However, brushes that are used to apply creams or liquid foundation and concealers should be cleaned after every use.

The right way to wash them is with baby shampoos – it works really well for removing liquid make up from the brushes. Some people also swear by using olive oil and vinegar to clean brushes.

Once you wash them, make sure they are completely dry before you put them back in the make up pouches. This brings us to the point – you also need to wash your cosmetic bag once a month to ensure there is no residue make up inside.

Step 1: Wet the bristles under water. Do not let the water come on the handle.