6 heel hacks no one told you about


After diamonds, heels are definitely a girl’s best friend. Every girl who has worn heels knows the pain they give. These torturous heels are always in fashion and are a staple of every female’s wardrobe. They add an edge to a dress and make the whole outfit look out of this world. This doesn’t mean that you have to limp around every time you wear heels or get blisters just to looking amazing. If you love wearing heels, follow these tried and tested tips to make them more comfortable:

Buckles and straps are the key
Try to buy a pair which includes straps and buckles. They will provide you some extra support that your feet will direly need. They will also lessen the irritation which causes blisters. This will make the whole experience less painful.

Buy a chunky heel

If pencil heels are not for you, invest in chunky or block heels. As they are wide, they will evenly distribute your weight and will decrease the pressure on your foot.

Break them in before they break you
Whenever you buy a new pair of footwear, the first thing you should do is break them in. Wear the heels with a pair of socks and walk around the house. This will stretch them a bit which will stop the pinching and the blisters. This will make them easy to wear in the future.

Go for the right fit
Shoes are like clothes, different brands can have different sizes. You might wear size six of a particular brand but it may be different in others. So, get your feet size measured accurately before purchasing them. Even the slightest pinch can lead to a big problem later on.

Concentrate on the way you walk
You might not know this but you can’t walk in heels the way you walk in sneakers. This is one of the reasons heels cause so much pain. You move differently in heels, stand straight, use your legs and hips to move forward. Practice this before wearing heels, this will help you a lot in the long run.

Anti blister stick
This is a precautionary measure which will aid you in the hour of need. It lubricates the blisters or you can apply this on the area which has become sensitive. This stick is very easy to carry and in case of an emergency, you don’t have to rush to the pharmacy.

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