All you need to know about rose water and its umpteen benefits !


A beautiful and glowing skin is every woman’s desire and to achieve that naturally, is just like a dream come true. It is easier said than done, as with so much environmental pollution, health disorders and fighting the signs of ageing, a natural healthy skin seems like a distant dream.

Off late, there has been a shift towards Ayurveda and other organic ways of regaining the youthfulness of skin. However, all these things are effective to an extent, but why wait for that time as it is always better to start adding some good ingredients to your daily beauty regime as it helps in reducing the signs of ageing and brings back that hidden glow.

One such miraculous potion is rosewater, this rose petal infused water has been used since ages as a dose of beauty. The use of this infused water dates back to the history, where it was a part of the daily beauty regime of the Egyptian Princess Cleopatra. Well, this certainly gives us all the reasons to include rose water in our daily beauty regime.

This is why you should use rose water in your daily regime
Rose water has been used as an active ingredient in most beauty products. This is due to the amazing anti-inflammatory properties and the presence of antioxidants. This infused water is not only good for skin, but at the same time it has been used in several delicacies to accentuate their taste and aroma. So, read on why adding it to your daily regime is a good idea.

Due to its amazing healing properties, it helps in balancing out the pH level of skin and helps in reducing irritation and controls the secretion of oil.

It has good anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing the itching and redness of the skin caused by allergens and pollution.

The fragrance of rose water is captivating and is used in preparing various perfumes. Also, it helps in inducing sleep. So it is often advised to put a few drops on the pillow to get a better sleep after a long day.

Rose water helps in treating several skin diseases like eczema and boils. This is due to its healing and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

It works as a natural cleanser and helps in removing dirt, pollutants and excess oil from the skin. Moreover, it makes the skin soft and supple with just a single use.

The presence of antioxidants in rosewater help in delaying the signs of ageing. Thereby, reducing the presence of visible lines and wrinkles.

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