Amazing health benefits of black alkaline water


We are in the midst of a global pandemic that has caused a great distress and apprehensions among people concerning their health and well-being. Although social distancing and maintenance of personal hygiene have been validated as effective counter measures to help reduce the spreading of this virus attack.

In fact, scientists worldwide have been emphatically stating that a healthy and well-balanced diet coupled with regular exercise can be an effective tool for building immunity against the virus.

To make our bodies well equipped and better prepared to fight the deadly virus, most of us have started relying on homemade remedies and traditional breathing exercise routines like yoga to maintain well-being and boost immunity.

Although there are many health-enriching foods and drinks available in the market today that are well-endowed with organic goodness to promote better well-being, but water happens to be the best solution to all our health issues. But have you ever heard of alkaline black water, which has a PH value of 8.5+ and contains more than 70 naturally occurring minerals.

These minerals are naturally black in color, which gives the water its black color, to maintain its natural goodness no chemicals are added to this water.

The health fraternity including doctors, fitness experts believe that alkaline water is loaded with minerals that can work wonders for health.

So how is alkaline water different from regular water?
It naturally contains high PH value, which reduces acidity caused due to multiple factors like imbalanced diet, improper routine, inadequate liquid intake and various such factors. Its high alkaline content naturally reduces acidity.

Alkaline water also ensures superior and sustained hydration to a greater extent than regular water and for a much longer period of time. This not only keeps the body energetic throughout the day but also acts as an effective tool to develop a strong immune response against diseases.

People, nowadays, consume a lot of adulterated and unhealthy food, both natural and processed, containing pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers which releases toxins in our bloodstream. Not to mention the various toxins released in the bloodstream owing to water and air pollution.

These toxins can remain in the blood for a long period of time thus making the body vulnerable to serious health risks and many diseases. The rich and natural mineral content of black alkaline water breaks down these toxins in the cells and facilitates its removal from the bloodstreams more efficiently naturally and regularly. Detoxification is a sustained benefit that alkaline water bestows on the body by cleansing it from the various impurities that accumulate inside it over time.

Besides detoxification, another great benefit that alkaline water provides is the enhanced metabolism that it extends to the body. There are various nutrients present in foods which our bodies, sometimes, fail to break down effectively.

The natural minerals found in black alkaline water immensely enhance the absorption and processing of all nutrients present in the food we consume. It helps the body to efficiently break down various nutrients and absorb all their goodness to build a robust and fortified immune system.

Alkaline water, thus, re-vitalizes our natural body functions, which in turn helps individuals to experience a much-heightened sense of alertness through improved metabolism, detoxification and sustained hydration.

Moreover, in the longer run, consuming black water can promote a healthy mind and body, which is better equipped to ward off diseases.

In perilous times such as the present, when the entire world is struggling to cope with the severe impact of the novel coronavirus, the revolutionary alkaline black water presents a veritable promise towards combating viral dissemination. Alkaline water may just prove to be the panacea that people need to include in their daily consumptions, to armor themselves.

Aakash Vaghela, Founder & MD at AV Organics LLP

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