Best make-up tips for mature and ageing skin


While doing make-up, these are the following tips one should keep in mind to get a glowing skin. When it comes to mature and ageing skin, there are a few key tips to take care of. Kalpana Sharma, make-up artist, The Body Shop highlights a few important tips to follow:

Foundations are great, especially for ageing skin. Before applying foundation remember to use primer on your face. It helps in hiding dark patches and pimples well. It is also very important to choose the right shade of foundation matching to your skin tone, further giving a bright and mesmerising look.

Highlighters help you to highlight your face. To fake some glow, you can rely on a liquid highlighter. It can give you that extra glow and add life to your face. You can also mix a liquid highlighter with your foundation to get the glow from within look.

The one thing you need to avoid is shimmery shadows and powder near the eye area. Such products highlight the wrinkles and fine lines. To look younger, make sure you prime and moisturise your skin well. Also, try to stay clear of powder products and replace them with liquid ones.

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