Biryani, choco lava cake remain favorite of foodies as home delivery of food items picks pace


With dining out becoming a rare experience, foodies looking to relish gourmet food or enjoy their favourite food from their preferred restro have been opting for home deliveries. From ordering their favourite biryani to satisfy their cravings to getting cakes for friends and family for a virtual birthday party, distinct home delivery trends have emerged during and after the lockdown.

Maximum biryani orders in the lockdown
As per Swiggy, “In the last couple of months, 5.5 lakh orders of biryani were placed across the country, and it was followed by orders for butter naan and masala dosa. In terms of desserts, unlike faloodas which ruled the roost last year, this year choco lava cakes have grabbed the top desserts slot. In the last couple of months. 1,29,000 choco lava cake orders were placed. It was followed by gulab jamun and butterscotch mousse cake.”

Food delivery orders go up post lockdown
Abhinav Parida, a food delivery boy, says,”Our food delivery orders have been going up gradually in the last couple of months. When we resumed delivery sometime in March we used to deliver 3-5 orders in a day, but now there are days when we get to deliver even 15-20 orders.”

As per Swiggy, while working from home, foodies have on average placed 65,000 meal orders daily by evening. Rajdeep Kumar, a delivery boy, says, “Due to curfew hours, we had to wrap up our delivery orders earlier. But that problem no longer exists.”

As birthday parties moved behind video calls, and virtual cake cutting sessions became popular, lakhs of cakes were ordered daily across the country.

Sandip, a delivery boy, says, “Even in lockdown. people have been ordering cakes. They were not just ordering cakes for their homes, but for their friends and relatives.”

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