Bread Vs. Roti: What is better for weight loss?


While comparing roti and bread, we are often told by everyone that roti is a healthier option as it has more nutrients than a bread. But with the wide variety of healthy breads available in the market, many are opting for bread over roti.

But what is the final verdict? Is roti better than bread for weight loss or otherwise? Let’s compare.

Preparation of bread

Bread is prepared by using regular cooking flour and water. Additional ingredients are added to the dough depending on the kind of bread being prepared. Yeast is also added to the flour to make it rise but many people are allergic to it. These bread dough are usually baked but some are also steamed or fried.

The roughage is removed from the flour that is used for making the bread dough. This roughage is an essential part of a healthy diet as it aids digestion and leads to smooth bowel movement.

Preparation of roti

Roti is a staple in most Indian households and is prepared using water and regular cooking flour. It is believed to be a healthier option as compared to bread because during its preparation, the fibre is not removed, which is good for digestion and smooth bowel movement.

Also, yeast is not added to make roti, which makes it an even healthier option.

Healthy bread variety

A wide range of healthy breads is now available in the market. From whole wheat to multigrain, these healthy breads promise to provide you with the goodness of whole grains. These so-called healthy options are expensive than the regular ones and have preservatives. In terms of health, bread and roti are quite close to each other but breads still have some drawbacks, which makes roti a preferable choice.

Preparing fresh chapatti at home is cheaper and also provides you with the goodness of whole grains. To make your chapatti even better, you can use bajra, jowar and millet flour. These grains are unrefined and good for health.

What is healthier?
Roti makes for a healthier and cheaper option. But what you combine your roti and bread with makes a lot of difference. Like a roasted chicken sandwich is any day better than just ghee and roti.

Talking about weight loss, roti is rich in fibre, which makes it a healthier option to lose weight. If you want to eat bread while on a weight loss plan, choose whole grains and uncoloured ones.

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