Can drinking soup aid in weight loss?


Want to shed those extra kilos but having difficulty in losing weight? Then ditch your sugary drinks and grab a tasty bowl of soup instead. It is quite a task to lose weight especially when you are an avid foodie, the thought of bland, lifeless dishes creates a big obstacle in the entire process.

Most of the times, we tend to drop the idea of weight loss in the mid-way, due to uncontrollable hunger and food cravings. Therefore, it is never advised to suddenly start your dieting and be food deprived in the process of weight loss. You need to plan and choose the right food in order to kick-start your weight loss journey. What’s better than getting indulged in a scrumptious bowl of your favorite soup?

Have you ever thought how nutritious yet tasty a bowl of soup can be? Generally, most of the people avoid drinking soups and deviate more towards the solid options when they are starving. But a choice of good soup can actually keep you satiated for a really long time without adding unnecessary calories.

Clear soups are generally your healthiest beat while opting for weight loss diet. Doesn’t matter if you are a veg or non-veg lover, clear soups will always fit the bill. It doesn’t contain any added starch or flavouring agents which essentially are responsible for that extra bit of calorie in fancy soups. It is pure boiled meat or vegetables along with stock and some seasonings.

Also, it is mostly advised to consume chicken/ tofu clear soups to achieve faster weight loss goals. Both of these have an abundance of protein which will not only help in building and repairing your tissues but will also provide a lot of energy to your body.

Drinking a bowl of hot soup with added spices like black pepper and cinnamon can actually accelerate the entire process. These spices combined with other ingredients will help in boosting the metabolism of your body. If you choose the right ingredients then you can literally burn fat while consuming your delicious soup. Add a lot of vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, broccoli into your regular soup and top it up with crushed black pepper to prepare a low-calorie, high-fiber mix that will definitely aid in weight loss.

Avoid adding cheese, noodles, extra sauces and keep it clean and simple to get maximum benefit. A bowl of clear chicken soup is the healthiest yet tastiest option for people who are trying to lose weight faster. This soup will fix your fiber and protein requirement and will make sure you don’t eat between meals. As the major content of soup is water, it will also ensure a proper hydration level in the body, which in turn will facilitate rapid weight loss.

Home-cooked soups are the safest options to go as you can add and subtract ingredients according to your body’s requirement. Also, soup is really easy and hassle free to prepare. Get your diet fixed by adding soup to your daily diet chart and enjoy a holistic weight loss experience.

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