Can you lose weight with chocolate? Know more about the Chocolate diet, tips for effective weight loss


New Delhi: Weight loss is perhaps on everyone’s list of new year’s resolutions, especially after the lockdown in 2020 which led to a lot of unintended weight gain. Weight gain is a combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and better lifestyle choices. When it comes to a weight loss diet, everyone assumes that they must follow a strict low-carb, low-fat diet in order to get in their best shape.

Somehow, all of us have come to associate weight loss with foods we do not like – such as green vegetables, bitter detox drinks, and have linked weight gain with foods we love digging into, such as pizzas and burgers. While it may be true for most foods out there, one food item that may be an exception to this rule is Chocolate.

Can you lose weight by eating Chocolate?

Chocolate is a food preparation made with cocoa seeds. While most people associated the food with sweet desserts, chocolate on its own is not sweet, but in fact, bitter. Chocolate is now prepared with sugar and other sweeteners, nuts and seeds, and many other ingredients to make different varieties of the food item. However, as per a diet called the Chocolate Diet, you can lose weight by eating chocolate.

According to studies, chocolate can activate the pleasure sensors in your brain. This helps elevate stress, which helps in improving metabolism and thus in weight loss. Since the chocolate diet is about dark chocolate, the food item has many health benefits such as relieving period pain, high antioxidant levels and more.

What is the Chocolate diet?

When a guest on a TV show talked about losing weight with the chocolate diet, most people in the UK, where it was aired originally, were left baffled. However, Chocolate diet is actually becoming popular and has also been advocated by a few nutritionists.

The chocolate diet is about the consumption of dark chocolate, in moderation. The diet works on the principle of tricking your sweet tooth to get used to low levels of sugar.

Dark chocolate with high levels of cocoa and less sugar is a great way to rest your cravings, without messing with your weight loss diet. Dark chocolate is super rich in antioxidants and also has many health benefits.

Just how people differentiate between good and bad carbs, or good and bad fats, the chocolate diet requires you to differentiate between good and bad chocolate.

As per a nutritionist, you should use the following tips when including chocolate in your diet for weight loss.

  • Differentiate between good and bad chocolate.
  • Determine the right amount of chocolate consumption.
  • Use chocolate when you crave something sweet.
  • Avoid eating chocolate as comfort food or when you are stressed.
  • Use chocolates as a pre-workout snack to boost your energy levels.

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