Can you reheat eggs and what’s the ideal way to consume eggs to get maximum nutrition?


Eggs are undeniably the healthiest and easiest thing you can prepare anytime and anywhere! Whether you like them poached, half fried or boiled, eggs happen to be the most delicious thing you can make in a jiffy or as comfort food to unwind a hectic day, but have you ever relished leftover eggs and is it safe to reheat and eat eggs?

This might sound like a lazy man’s affair, but there are days when you cook more than you need either to save your effort for the next day or just cook out of proportion, but when it comes to heating and eating leftover food, you need to take proper measures to ensure that the food doesn’t turn stale or develop pathogens.

Well, leftover foods often lack taste and there is a change in texture, flavour and nutritional values. Hence, every food needs a proper way of reheating to ensure that it is safe for consumption.

Effects of reheating eggs

Reheating food and its effects may vary from food to food, but one thing that affects most cooked vegetables is the change in nutritional composition. According to several studies, heating leftover cooked food may also result in reduced vitamin and mineral composition as compared to fresh ones.

In the context of eggs, reheating leftover eggs may impact the nutritional composition and may turn the eggs a bit dry and rubbery in texture. However, how you store the leftover food also impacts the taste and texture of eggs. So, it largely depends on storing the food and reheating at the right temperature to ensure it’s safe consumption.

How to reheat eggs

Here’s how you can reheat and eat popular egg delicacies. In general, storing food and cooking them at the right temperature also decides the fate of the leftover food. In terms of cooking eggs, make sure that the eggs are cooked at, at least 71 degree Celsius.

Make sure you cook the eggs at an optimal temperature as it helps in keeping bacteria such as Salmonella at bay. This is also the reason why reheating requires a particular temperature to keep bacteria and pathogens at bay and also to revive the taste and texture of eggs.

Scrambled eggs

To reheat, scrambled eggs you can either saute them in a pan or else reheat in a microwave safe bowl by stirring at intervals of 30 seconds and heat it at least for a minute or so.


Grease the tray and then heat the omelette for at least 5 minutes at 180 degree Celsius or else place it on a pan and heat it for 3 minutes over medium flame and flip sides.

Boiled eggs

In case of boiled eggs, just soak the left over boiled eggs in a bowl of warm water for 10-12 minutes and they are ready to consume.

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