Celebrity fitness trainers share their favourite post-workout meals


We spoke to Kareena Kapoor’s, Katrina Kaif’s and Alia Bhatt’s fitness trainers to find out what they prefer the celebrities eat after exercising
Once you’ve got your workout routine on track, the next step is figuring out what to eat after you’ve expended all your energy at the gym. With protein powders, energy bars and supplements constantly hitting the market, it can be a lot to wade through. We spoke to three celebrity fitness trainers about the post-workout foods and snacks they tell their clients to dig into.

Celebrity fitness trainer and former world kick-boxing champion Drew Neal trains the likes of Kareena Kapoor Khan, Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar, and was also part of the team that made Salman Khan look and play the part of a wrestler in his 2016 film, Sultan. Neal believes that the timing of the meal in should be as close to finishing the workout as possible. “It’s a common belief that muscles develop while we are working out in the gym when in fact they only do so after the workout, when the body is at rest and recovering. This is why I always put emphasis on eating good nutritious food around the workout window, in particular post-workout. While exercising, the muscles essentially become depleted of their fuel and become damaged. This is not a negative thing but in fact a positive, as when the muscles recover, they rebuild stronger and become more adapted,” explains Neal. “In order for the muscles to recover well from the workout, they need to be provided with the correct raw materials, namely carbohydrates and protein,” he adds.

And though every case is unique, based on different factors such as body goals and the time of the workout, Neal tends to shoot for around 0.6-0.8g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight with his clients. When it comes to protein, Neal aims for 0.2-0.4g per kg of body weight. “Fat should be avoided in this meal. I find that liquid meals are perfect for convenience; they are absorbed quickly and with the right ingredients, the muscles get exactly what they need after the workout,” says Neal. That’s why his personal go-to post-workout favourite is whey protein supplement mixed in water with a banana and some oats, which has all the nutritional necessities the muscles require to heal. Another convenient option that Neal uses with his clients is a protein bar—his favourite is by the UK-based brand Grenade. But when one has access, Neal prefers sticking to fresh food. “If my clients are able to get whole foods in quickly after the workout, I will always select a good protein source like fish, chicken and maybe paneer along with a carbohydrate source such as white rice, white potato or pasta,” explains Neal.