Do you make these 3 common mistakes when you first wake up? Here’s how to fix them


New Delhi: You drink water and make sure to eat a good hearty breakfast every morning. Perhaps, you know the drill – what you do first thing in the morning will set the tone for the rest of the day. Yet, chances are you’ve been indulging in some seemingly harmless habits that you don’t realise may actually be derailing your health and success at work.

While there’s no one morning ritual that suits everyone, certain morning mistakes can set the stage for an unproductive, unhealthy lifestyle. And here are three common wake-up habits that experts said can ruin your day and what you can do about it.

Bad morning habits you need to stop right away

Checking your phone

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Many of us have the habit of taking our phones to bed with us at night so that it makes really easy for us to reach for it as soon as we wake up. However, experts suggest that you should avoid checking your phone first thing in the morning. Doing so can send you into a ‘panic mode’ – before your day has even begun. A paper from the University of British Columbia found that checking phones can awaken your inner critic. The study also found that checking email regularly throughout the day can make you more stressed.

So, keep or charge your phone overnight in another room and avoid checking it – your emails, text messages – until you’ve done with your breakfast or other self-care morning activities.

Drinking coffee first thing

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Drinking coffee shortly after waking up is not a good idea. Research has shown that your body produces higher levels of cortisol, popularly known as the stress hormone, between 8 am and 9 am. Taking caffeine when cortisol levels are highest will interfere with the production of the stress hormone, which also helps regulate metabolism, controls blood sugar levels and aids in memory formulation. Also, if you drink coffee when cortisol is high, you will develop long-term tolerances for caffeine.

Science concluded that the best time to drink coffee is between 10 a.m. and noon, and between 2 and 5 p.m. Instead, you would want to begin your day with a glass of water or warm honey lemon water to boost your metabolism and boost health.

Not stretching in the morning

The fact is that your muscles and joints can stiffen overnight as they sleep with you. A good stretch in the morning right after you roll out of bed can make you feel good. The health benefits of stretching are numerous – such as improved posture, increased blood flow, fewer aches and pains, etc.

So, set aside a few minutes, as little as five minutes, to stretch in front of a sun-filled window, or simply lie on your bed and stretch your arms and legs as you pull them in opposite directions.

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