Erotic cakesitting: The story of a woman who makes a living by sitting on cakes


Lindsay Dye is a 31-year-old woman from Florida, currently living in Brooklyn. She works many jobs. She is a webcam model, an artist, a sex worker and the most unconventional jobs of them all- a ‘cakesitter’. You might be wondering, “A what? What exactly is a cakesitter?”. Well, cakesitting is precisely what it sounds like. People with a food fetish join Lindsay’s web room and pay real money to see her bake a colourful and multi-layered cake and then erotically sit on it. A bulk of her ‘sweet income’ comes from this webcam modelling. Lindsay has now become a phenomenon on social media due to her modelling and performance as a cakesitter.

Lindsay covers her bed in tarpaulin and readies the batter while sitting right there. The viewers of her web show can pay money to choose the colours of the cake. She wears metallic or pastel coloured lingerie that makes her look like icing on a cake herself! She sings songs like ‘2 becomes 1’ from Spice Girls while grinding colourful, layered and frosted cakes. She knows that sitting on a cake for a living sounds funny, but is nevertheless serious and dedicated to her job. There was a time when she wasn’t comfortable making art on webcam even when she was interested in it. Now she is known for her messy cake performances that have developed a separate fanbase.

Lindsay started this sweet career as a cakesitter when a person asked her to sit on her cat while on her web show! She did not do that, but this ignited her curiosity about unconventional kinks and crushing fetishes. It led her to find ‘sploshing’, which is a fetish where people derive satisfaction from watching somebody smear themselves in food items. This messy and wet play does not include crushing pet animals but involves covering yourself in foods like frosted desserts. Lindsay regards cakesitting as a “pure and wholesome” version of crushing fetishes.

She used to buy cakes from the market before, but now Lindsay orders white or vanilla cake mixes in bulk. However, she does not bake white cakes. She tries to make the cakes as rainbow-like as possible so that her performance never turns boring. She does not purchase chocolate or red velvet flavours as they might be off-putting to some viewers. While Lindsay started out with single-layered simple cakes, she is now doing five layers to keep things interesting. It gives her more to work with when she starts her grinding performance. Her focus is to keep the cakes look as artificial yet as beautiful as possible.

Lindsay chose cakes for her sploshing show because everyone has a connection to cakes. Most people like them, have a good memory of them and also have a favourite cake. She has also tried sitting on other foods like pizza. However, it did not have the same effect on her viewers as it is already flat and does not have an appealing colour palette.

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