Fashion mistakes women are guilty of committing


After spending time primping and buffing yourself, there’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and realising that you’ve got something wrong going on. All women have been victims to fashion and beauty faux pas at some point but there are a few common fashion crimes that are easy to avoid.

Nehpreet Kaur, Design and Creative Head, Femina Flaunt, and Anjali Valani, Executive Marketing and Operations and Creative Face, The Beauty Co, list down a few fashion and beauty faux pas that you shouldn’t be victim to:

While you may be in love with a trend running across apparel, bags, footwear and other accessories, stay extra conscious when it comes to styling them. For example, if you style top to bottom animal print, you may not stand out for the right reason.

Sometimes women love a merchandise so much that they end up buying and wearing a wrong available size. Choose sizes in outfits and shoes that flatter your form so you can wear them with more confidence.

Women get excited to wear new footwear to the big meeting day, and it can lead to a limp walk instead. A catwalk in them at home with socks on, will relax them and make them ready for the big day.