Five-Minute Recipes: 5 Yummy And Instant Recipes To Try At Home


5 Minute Recipes: A quick snack or a beverage recipe is quite a saviour at times of hunger pangs that happen either late at night or in the middle of the day or when you have unexpected guests at home and you don’t have time to cook elaborate meals or snacks. At such times, quick and easy or rather 5-minute recipes come as a blessing!

Whoever said that cooking requires standing long hours in the kitchen certainly didn’t know the fun part of it. Elaborate, rich meals such as everyone’s favourite biryani or curries that require a lot of time and effort might be worth it all but a quick and easy mac and cheese would be so much fun.

There are a whole lot of easy and quick 5-min recipes that even your kids can prepare in the kitchen. For times when you have guests coming over or just have those mid-day hunger woes, quick and easy recipes that you can prepare in just about 5 minutes, with minimal ingredients are the best. From a mouth-watering brownie to summer special sattu cooler, there’s a lot of variety to prepare at home.

1. Quick Brownie

One of the most traditional and loved dessert by kids, brownies with their moist crumbs, crisp crust and a fudgy centre can make anyone drool over. Brownies are the perfect balance of sweet and salty with a cracked top. Fudgy, dense and irresistibly rich is how everyone likes the brownies; this quick brownie is exactly that made in a jar in just 5 minutes and with handful of ingredients.

2. Mac & Cheese

The ultimate joy of gorging on a bowl of creamy, cheesy mac and cheese, while all curled up in a cosy blanket, is above all. It is a simple dish yet a lot of people find it difficult to prepare. While you might think it requires a lot of time and effort to dish out a luscious and tempting bowl of mac and cheese, here we have a quickest ever mac and cheese recipe to prepare in about five minutes with just about four ingredients and a microwave!

3. 5 Minute Sundae

Is your dinner incomplete without a cup of ice-cream, too? Hi five! Ice-cream isn’t just a post-meal indulgence; it is also the best way to beat the sultry summer heat. With the temperatures soaring high, this is the best time to make a scrumptious bowl of ice-cream sundae at home. Here is a heavenly ice-cream sundae recipe to prepare at home in a jiffy. Thick strawberry puree layered with ice-cream and chocolate, topped with almonds makes this a must-try at home.

4. Lemon Curd

A sweet and tarty preparation, lemon curd can be paired with a host of other dishes. Contradictory to what the name suggests, lemon curd isn’t prepared with curd but it is just a three-ingredient recipe with egg yolks, sugar and lemons. It can be a delicious addition to many other dishes such as dip for breads, or syrup for pancakes. You may add it in cakes or use as a delicious filling in cupcakes. The list is endless yet the preparation is extremely easy and quick.

5. Sattu Cooler

A popular Indian summer beverage, sattu cooler is known for its cooling properties. Popular in Bihar, sattu can be made in both versions- sweet and savoury. Sattu flour is often used to prepare sattu paratha and even sattu ladoos. Sattu cooler is an extremely easy beverage to prepare with sattu powder, sugar and lemon juice mixed together with water, garnished with cumin and served chilled. It is a perfect five-minute recipe to prepare during the day and refresh the body in the scorching heat.

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