Foods you can eat before going to bed


As you grow up, you realise that nothing and no one is as important as your sleep. It is undeniably the most essential part of our lives as a good sleep can help you attain the pink of health. However, the hectic lifestyle and stressful social life can often lead to several diseases and one of the major reasons that triggers these lifestyle diseases is lack of sleep also known as insomnia.

A sound sleep can not only make you feel drained out, but at the same time can affect your health in a bad way leading to something as serious as alzheimer’s, dementia, obsessive disorders to name a few. Well, it is easier said than done, things won’t change overnight. However, a small step towards a healthy life can not only make you healthy and happy, and can help you get that sound sleep. Here’s a list of foods, you can add to your daily diet that will not only induce sleep and are good to consume before hitting the pillow.

Foods that you can eat before going to bed

There’s a preconceived notion that eating fruits before bed trigger indigestion, which is totally a myth. Fruits like bananas can help you sleep better. However, It is a good source of energy and its magnesium content can help in relieving stress and relaxing muscles. It also helps in boosting the level of serotonin and melatonin in the body, which promotes sleep.

Chamomile Tea

It was used as an ancient therapy to induce sleep. Made with the extract of chamomile tea, drinking this tea before bed helps in relieving stress and inducing sleep.


A handful of almonds a day can keep diseases at bay and boost brain power. Almonds make for a great brain food and can relax the tension in muscles and nerves. The presence of tryptophan and magnesium in almonds help, relieving stress and makes the heart rhythm stable.


If you are on diet, then a spoonful of honey can give you that soul-satiating feeling that you need when you crave for sweets. Apart from satiating your sweet tooth, honey also helps in releasing melatonin in the brain and helps in calming the nerves by reducing the orexin level in the body and helps inducing sleep.


Oats are loaded with the goodness of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, oats make for a perfect breakfast delight, but its amazing health benefits can make it a nice food to eat before sleep as it helps in releasing melatonin. This component helps inducing sleep and naturally balance out sugar level in the body.


The more satiated you feel, the more sleepy you are! In fact, this is the reason why eating a hearty meal makes you feel sleepy immediately. Rice is rich in minerals such as magnesium, which helps in inducing sleep.


Turkey is rich in a component called tryptophan, which helps in calming the body and releasing serotonin, which helps in healing the body and promotes sleep. Hence, adding turkey to your diet is a great idea to get that beauty sleep.

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