Green tea is beneficial for cold and flu. Know how to consume the antioxidant drink


New Delhi: As the season changes, you may be at a higher risk of falling prey to a viral infection. The viruses are able to thrive better in the environment provided by the change of seasons. Some of the most common symptoms of a viral infection are cold and cough. At this time of the year, the pollutants in the air are also at their maximum, which can irritate the lungs and the nose, leading to cough and cold.

Green tea is a very popular remedy for detox and weight loss. Many people, all over the world, use green tea as a part of their diet to reduce free radical activity in the body, improve metabolism and therefore, aid weight loss. BUT, can you use green tea as a remedy for cold and cough?

The answer is yes! A review article in August 2014 edition of the Frontiers in Microbiology found that green tea, which is known for its high content of antioxidants, can also help protect the body against viral infections, including flu. Not only does it contain germ-fighting properties, the use of green tea to fight a cold or cough actually makes sense. The warmth of the tea helps to soothe a sore throat and provides relief. However, one may argue that even a cup of coffee is warm, and may have the same effect. The difference between green tea and coffee is that green tea is hydrating, while coffee may, in fact, dehydrate the body. Hydration is extremely important in fighting viruses, which could be causing the cold and cough. Everyone is aware of the antioxidants in green tea, which can improve immunity and help prevent/ fight infections.

Here is how you can consume green tea to get relief from a cold or cough

Green tea can be consumed just normally, without using any added sugar. If you still need to sweeten the tea, the best choice is honey as it is also a remedy for cold.

Adults, who are above the legal age of drinking, can also add a shot of brandy to the tea, but only before bed-time. This will not only help enhance the taste of the tea but will also soothe the symptoms of a cold. The brandy can also help you sleep better, which is a very common concern when you are suffering from cold or cough. You may also add some lemon juice in the tea to make it richer in Vitamin C, which will help in fighting infections.

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