Hair care tips: 5 most common hair problems and how to treat them


New Delhi: It is often said that the way a person looks says a lot about his or her personality, which is why people spend a lot of time and resources to look their best. Perhaps, we all want hair that looks like it has been perfected by a salon professional or hair specialist. The way hair frames your face is an essential part of your looks.

Hairstyle change can drastically alter your appearance. On good hair days, we tend to feel good about ourselves and carry ourselves with confidence. However, on bad hair days, we tend to feel less sure about our looks. It is understandable that hair problems, which damage our natural hair structure, can also affect our mental health and social life. A person with thinning or grey hair may feel shy about his condition when out with his or her friends for the fear of public ridicule or unsavoury comments.

Common hair problems: Treatment options

The good part is that many common hair problems that afflict most people are easily treatable. These hair problems can be caused by a variety of factors, and with the help of expert advice, you can reduce or manage your hair problems effectively. In this article, Dr Bharti Magoo, an Aesthetician and Anti-ageing physician, explains the five types of hair problems commonly experienced by people and how to deal with them.

Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a very common problem these days. It can be caused by bad lifestyle habits, genetics, too much stress, usage of harsh chemical products, among others. Men and women both experience this problem, and if this happens at a younger age, then it can lead to insecurity, worry and, of course, low self-confidence. People who experience thinning of hair should seek the appointment of a doctor immediately to stop and, maybe, even counter the damage to the hair.

Though the treatment regime differs from person to person, for hair thinning, keratin, biotin, vitamin A, collagen and folic amino acids are recommended. I-grow treatment, low-level laser treatment and density treatments can also be given to stop hair thinning. A mixture of oils such as jojoba, almond, coconut, bhringraj, castor, and hibiscus are extremely good for hair growth. One can also use argan oil, olive, mint oil, etc.

Hair Fall

When a strand of hair becomes old, it comes out of the roots along with the hair bulb and falls away when one brushes the hair. These fallen hairs are replaced by new hairs which start from healthy roots. However, when hair starts to fall frequently and in large numbers, then it is a cause of worry. If this condition is left untreated over a period of time, it can cause baldness.

Too much hair fall can be caused due to thyroid problems, hormonal changes, too much hair straightening, regular use of blow dryer, excessive stress, nutritional deficiencies, etc. Depending on the cause, your doctor can suggest different types of treatment for hair fall. Cell rejuvenation treatment, stem cell treatment and protocell treatment are common treatments for hair fall. Along with them, it is advised to take vitamin supplements, avoid blow-drying and straightening the hair too often, doing frequent hot oil hair massage, among others. Regularly cleaning hair with a mild shampoo, oiling them regularly, and massaging them and drinking water is also very important. Homemade shampoos work the best – ritha, awala, shikakai, all soaked overnight are good for the hairs. If one has dandruff issues, they can add tulsi.

Alopecia Areata

Commonly known as female pattern baldness, Alopecia areata is often related to hormonal issues. In this, the hair tends to fall out in round patches. White blood cells of the body attack the hair follicle cells, which causes them to shrink and slow down hair production.

To counter this condition, hair growth serum and PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) treatment are given to the patient. Homeopathic treatment can also be helpful. Along with medical treatment, it is important to plan and maintain a balanced diet to eliminate all nutritional deficiencies.

Split Ends

The reason split ends occur is generally because one does not give their hair due care. As a result, the hair becomes dry, brittle, and frayed. Heat damage is a common reason for split ends and, thus, can be caused due to extreme weather conditions and frequent use of blow dryer, straightener and curler. Regular use of harsh chemical hair products can also cause split ends.

This problem is easily solvable by taking supplements such as biotin and folic acid which strengthen the hair. One should also get regular haircuts and trims to remove the split ends and allow healthy hairs to grow.

Premature Greying

Premature greying has become so common that even children and teenagers have started to experience greying of hair. It can be due to acidity, liver problems, hormonal changes, bad lifestyle habits like excessive smoking and drinking, using cheap harsh shampoos, lack of sleep, vitamin pantothenate deficiency, insufficient keratin protein in the body, etc.

To reduce greying of hair, experts tend to suggest lifestyle changes such as avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, wearing a cap in the sun, lessen the usage of hair dryers and straighteners, and stop frequent colouring of hair. In some cases, the intake of oral supplements such as Protocell treatment may be advised.

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