Hema Malini, who leads over RLD’s Kunwar Narendra Singh in Mathura, lives up to her image of Bollywood diva even in politics


This election season, as Mathura MP Malini sweated out in the heat and dust of campaigning, we took a closer look at her political engagements — only to find that the actor does not follow the underlined sartorial codes that other politicians do.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura constituency ‘Dream Girl’ Hema Malini has secured 2.27 lakh votes over Rashtriya Lok Dal’s Kunwar Narendra Singh. The actor who contested from Mathura in this Lok Sabha election, is living up to her image of a Bollywood celebrity even in politics.

It was in 1999 that Hema Malini made her foray into politics to campaign for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate and former Bollywood star Vinod Khanna during the Lok Sabha elections in Gurdaspur, Punjab. Then, in 2014 general elections, the actor herself jumped in the fray from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh and defeated RLD candidate Jayant Chaudhary.

This election season, as Hema Malini sweated out in the heat and dust of campaigning, we took a closer look at her political engagements — only to find out that the 70-year-old actor-turned-politician doesn’t follow the underlined sartorial codes that other politicians do.

On March 31, when she kickstarted the campaigning, Malini was seen harvesting crops in a wheat field. The actor, who shared her pictures on Twitter, was seen posing with sickle and hay. Her golden and beige-coloured sari perfectly matched the background hue. Always spotted adorning jewellery, even on the campaign trail, she was not the one who looked simple or someone who wanted to be one among the crowd — rather she made it a point that whenever she waved at the crowd from her car, she looked picture-perfect.

The Seeta Aur Geeta actor also did not shy away from wearing make-up and was spotted wearing bright colours during her campaigns — from blood red to yellows, she wears them all.

“Hemaji loves pastels. Present her with any shades of pink, and she’s happy. The new colour that I’ve introduced to her is lavender. She loves silk Banarasis, patolas, chanderis. She doesn’t wear much of cotton and handloom unless she’s home and resting. She loves chanderi though. My team makes sure she is at that stature always, nothing is ever compromised on. Whether it is her saris or jewellery or hair and make-up, nothing ever falls short. She likes smaller prints and zaris. I make sure I give her saris that are made of real gold zari, that’s the dream girl for the world. Real gold zari saris! She prefers smaller borders and heavy pallas,” Hema Malini’s personal stylist Kareen Parwani says, adding the actor is not fond of black or pale colours.

Parwani adds that the actor “basically likes everything exquisite and everything she puts on herself is very exclusive”.

“She loves dressing up though she doesn’t need much of it. She still has flawless skin and doesn’t even look close to her age. Her make-up is pretty basic with pink lips and eyeliner and she’s good to go”, she says.

However, it is not only during campaign trails or at red carpet events that Malini goes for “exclusive things”. She likes them even in daily life. “Rubies are her favourite. She loves polkis over diamonds but doesn’t mind doing a contrast with her saris. I’ve recently introduced long neckpieces to her and she has fallen in love with them. She usually likes wearing kadas on her hands and doesn’t like small bracelets or rings. But I’d say her solitaires suit her the most. She looks extremely elegant in those. She’s fond of blue tanzanites as well,” she adds.

Her casual wear, however, is all about puffy sleeved blouses and handloom saris. Malini opts for palazzos and kurtas while travelling. Though Parwani doesn’t style the BJP MP for her political events, the actor has a knack for style herself.

Malini was identified as a fashion icon in the late ’80s. With her thick mascara, winged eyeliner and hair tied in a bun, she carried even a simple outfit with grace. Even though yesteryear actors were not followed by the paparazzi the way they are today, she was always well-dressed, often seen wearing crisp white shirts and black pants, and bold blouses teamed with skirts and midi dresses. Her love for saris was also never a secret.

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