Here’s how you can make this easy Singhara barfi recipe at home


It’s that time of the year, when the devotees of Shakti are all set to bring home the deity and celebrate the festival of Navratri with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. Sharadhya Navratri is around the corner and preparations are in full swing, right from cleaning every nook and corner of the house to decorating the house and preparing good food, the festive spirit has started sinking in and enthusiasm can be felt in the air!

Well, In India festivals are more about the happiness and togetherness, which reflects our harmony in diversity. In fact, every festival in India is celebrated with a lot of zeal, but what makes them vary is the difference in the culture, traditions and rituals, but despite all these it is pretty interesting to feel the happiness and unity.

Another amazing thing about Indian festivals is that they are simply incomplete without good food. Especially, when it comes to Navratri, it is all about fasting as well as feasting as good food adds soul to festivals and occasions.

However, the 9-day long fast can seem tough as there are a lot of restrictions on the foods you can eat. This is simply because of the abstinence of anything that’s tamasik. During this time, it is suggested to eat satvik food and refrain from several things such as onion, garlic, grains, alcohol, spices etc. The best part about fasting during Navratri is that you can eat one meal a day. Moreover, you can eat several foods made with healthy substitutes of grains and pulses.

How to make Singhare Atte ki Barfi

Water chestnut flour also known as Singhare ka atta is one of the most popular ingredients used to prepare delicacies during Navratri. Since ages, this ingredient has been used to prepare delicacies to offer as a naivedya to the deity. Here’s is a simple barfi recipe you can make at home without putting in much efforts.


1 cup singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour)

1 cup khoya

1 cup sugar

4 Tbsp ghee

1 cup water

1 tsp green cardamom powder

Here’s how you go about it
Take a pan over low flame and add some ghee. Stir till flour turns brown in colour. Turn off the flame and scorch the flour.

Take a vessel add some khoya, let it turn little brown but don’t fry it. Apart from that, allow the khoya to attain a thick consistency. Then add the flour mixture, along with a hint of cardamom powder.

Then take some and add some sugar and heat this blend over low flame, till it attains a two-string consistency.

Turn off the flame and mix khoya and sugar syrup and mix all these ingredients well. Grease the tray with some ghee and transfer the blend. Allow it cool on normal room temperature and cut into desired shapes and your barfi is ready.

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