Here’s what happens when you work out on an empty stomach


If fitness is on your mind and you are someone who loves working out, then this article is meant for you. Since ages, we have been told that early to bed and early to rise is the key to good health. In fact, over the years there has been a change in this thought as well. It is a common belief that working out in the morning helps to kickstart a day on a positive note. There’s no denying to that fact that this practise helps in bringing a lot of positivity and bliss, but it also gives rise to a major question that is it really good to workout on an empty stomach and does that helps in losing weight quickly? Read on to find out the answer to this question!

According to many fitness experts it is often advised that working on an empty stomach helps in losing weight in a much effective way. This is simply because, early in the morning the body is a state of fasting and after as good as with hours of fasting, exercising helps in utilizing the stored fats and energy from the body. This further helps in burning the existing fats.

On the contrary, working out after eating a light meal can give your body the much needed strength and can give you ample energy to enhance your performance.

As per research, exercising on an empty stomach helps in boosting weight loss as the body derives energy from the stored fats and carbohydrates. However, working out after eating improves performance by giving ample energy to the body. In fact, it was observed that people who worked out on an empty burned more calories after exercising as compared to people who worked out after eating.

Another study was conducted on women of similar age groups, as per the study there wasn’t much difference observed in body weight, percent body fat and waist; in context of working out on an empty stomach as well as working out after eating. There wasn’t much change in the body mass index.

Working out on an empty stomach can also help the body to use protein as a fuel, this increases the body’s need for protein to build muscles. Working out on an empty stomach can make your body to adapt to the long hours of starvation and in some cases it can also lead to dizziness, weakness and low-energy levels.

In fact, working out is subjective, what may suit one might not suit the other person. Hence, the best way to stay on a healthy track is by listening to one’s own body and it’s needs. So, both ways of working out are right as long as your body can adapt to it !

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