How to nail this art


The next time you decide to pamper yourself with a manicure and a pedicure at home, ensure you do not ruin it by making these common errors. Here are a few tips you can follow to add some gloss and sheen to your hands and feet.

Go wild with glitter

If you spot nails growing out at the cuticle, there’s a quick-fix you can rely on. Grab a glitter polish to cover up the gap. It will add some sparkle to your nails, and also covers up a vital flaw.

Gently wipe your nails dry

Once done with cleaning and moisturising your nails, make sure to gently wipe off any excess oil before applying the polish. Also, always make sure to remove the old polish before applying a new coat.

Dealing with chipped nails

If the edge of your nail starts to chip, use a file to make it a bit shorter.

Cover all gaps

Once you have applied the polish on your nails, make sure to fill in any gaps, as that would look bad.

Try a French manicure/pedicure

French manicures are back in a big way, and if you want to give solid colours a miss, you can go for an all-white French manicure instead.

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