Include this one superfood in your diet to keep your eyes healthy!


While all of us try to look for foods that are good for our waistline, the heart or just boost our health, we often tend to ignore our eye health. Staying in front of the screen for long hours, being in front of bright lights, not being hydrated, simply not sleeping enough or just due to aging, we expose our precious eyes to so many risk factors every day. In all of these, we forget to take care of our vision and compromise our health.

Just like the other parts of our body, our eyes too require love and care and the right nutrition. While we have all heard about the benefits of green leafy vegetables and carrots, we tell you about one superfood you must include in your diet and that is pine nuts!

Dry fruits, nuts, and seeds are power-packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Pine nuts, known as ‘chillgoza’ seeds in hindi are considered to be supremely healthy, and in particular, a superfood for the eyes. Widely used in parts of the world, the white nuts were extensively used in the past and were found to contain medicinal healing properties. There are also other compelling reasons to munch on these seeds regularly.

Pine nuts have a high concentration of Vitamin K, A and E, which, complemented by the antioxidant properties help a great deal in protecting the eyes from degeneration, delay the onset of risk factors associated with eye diseases like cataract and macular degeneration. They also come packed in rich beta-carotene, which further helps improve your eyesight. All of these benefits work by replenishing and revitalizing energy into tired eyes and improving your vision.

Snacking on pinenuts every day can also supply lutein, a crucial enzyme found in our retinas which is extremely good for your vision and filter out the harmful UV light which we all need protection from. It also contains potent minerals in abundance, such as zeaxanthin which are good to nourish your skin and the hair. In fact, it is even suggested that pregnant mothers snack on pine nuts through the months to promote good health for their baby.

The right way to have them

Apart from helping your eyesight and vision, pine nuts also carry a host of benefits and can help you ease digestion, weight loss and sugar spike up problems. Hence, it doesn’t hurt to add this dietary staple to your diet. Munching on a handful of these seeds every day can be good for your overall health. You can roast them and consume, or add them to your salads, smoothies or curries.

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