Indulge in these dishes and make your weekend finger-licking good


From crispy lotus stem tossed in honey chilli sauce to grilled fish in banana leaf: You will definitely fall in love with these delicious recipes.
Weekend is the time to unwind and enjoy delicious meals with your family and friends. But the endless list of restaurants and cafes, with their equally long list of dishes, often leaves us confused about where to go or what to order in. So, don the chef’s hat and treat yourself and your loved ones to something which is delicious yet easy to prepare.

These recipes by Chef Salil Mehta (New York, USA) and Chef Hirdesh Rana (executive chef, Mallacca) are sure to add the right flavours to your weekend.


140g – Lotus stem cut in cylindrical slices

10ml – Honey

2tbs – Chilly paste

2 – Chopped garlic cloves

4-5 pieces – Sliced ginger

4 pieces – Dry red chilli cut in slices (seedless)

2tbs – Tomato ketchup

Salt – to taste

Broth – to taste

Stock water- half ladle


* Fry the lotus stem coated with cornflour batter until crispy.

* In the work, shallow fry garlic, ginger, and red chilli slices.

* Add ketchup, honey, chilli paste and stock water.

* Add this to the lotus stem.

* Garnish with sesame seed and serve.

Ikan Bakar – Grilled Fish in Banana LeafIngredients:

140g – Sole fillet (remove bone)

5ml – Fish sauce

1 – Onion (sliced)

20-25g – Bell peppers (all three kinds)

10g – Spring onion

2tbs – Sambal sauce

Banana leaf – quarter of leaf

Butter – to taste

Salt – to taste

Broth – to taste


* Sautee the vegetables marinated in sambal sauce on the grill.

* Marinate the sole fillet with sambal sauce and grill.* Caster the banana leaf with a blow torch (to give it a smoky flavour) before plating the fish.

* Cover the fish fillet with the sautéed vegetables .

* Cover it with a banana leaf and caster with a blow torch for 10 seconds.

* Serve with steamed rice.

Sweet & Sour Pork Belly – Sweet Tangy Pork Belly Braised in a Light Soya Honey SauceIngredients:

200-220g – Pork chopped with pork ribs

1/2 – Ginger

4 cloves – Garlic (sliced)

Spring onion (cut into slices)

15ml – Oil

400ml – Chicken stock

20ml – Dark soya sauce

2 tbs – Honey

15ml – Vinegar

20 ml – Seasme oil

3tbs – Chilly flakes

2 tsp – Five spice powder

Salt – to taste

Broth – to taste

Black pepper – to taste