Looking for an effective weight loss plan? Try these nutritionist-approved tips to lose weight and maintain it


New Delhi: Losing weight is perhaps on everyone’s new year resolutions list this year, especially after the unintended weight gain most people have seen during the lockdown due to the pandemic. A healthy weight is important to keep diseases and conditions at bay and steer clear of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

However, one of the most common problems that people face with weight loss is that they do not know the right and the healthy way to do it. When they lose weight with crash diets or weight loss exercise plans, they are able to do so, but unable to maintain weight loss. Their major concern is that they end up gaining the lost weight back, and are only back to square one, even after so many efforts. If you suffer from a similar weight loss problem, here are some weight loss tips, approved by Dr Parul Patni, nutritionist at Diet Solutions. These tips will help you lose weight, and effectively keep it off.

5 tips to lose weight and maintain the weight loss

  • Mind your meal timing- we all know and agree that meal timing is important to lose weight and keep it away. But usually eating 3 hours before time doesn’t work. During pandemic when the sleep cycle is disturbed people have meals as late as 10 pm or 11 pm. So do you think eating at 9 pm or 10 pm will help in losing weight if you sleep at 1 am? In my opinion, it won’t as you might need a heavier evening snack and hence ending up consuming more calories than usual. The solution is that you try to have the main meals from 10 am-2 pm-7 pm. This pattern is very effective and works for most of the people.
  • Never skip exercise- difficult but very effective way of maintaining and losing weight and inches. If you find it difficult to exercise daily try these ideas. Join a flexible online workout class Make a routine of dancing on 3 of your favourite dance numbers Fix a time for sport. A good game would do like badminton, volleyball, cricket etc.

Caution: Do not exercise too much as it might lead to sprain or body pain. Always start with a warm-up and stretches and end with a cool down.

  • Take a simple diuretic in the morning- If you are the one who feels eyes are puffy in morning or ring is tight take jeera or methi or saunf water. They help you by flushing out extra water.
  • Never skip meals- Most common mistake that people do is they skip a meal to control weight or at times to compensate for weekend eating. Do not skip meals. You might end up eating more in the next meal. When you skip food you skip much-needed nutrients important for body function. It is not only about calories.
  • Eat mindfully on weekend- Binging on weekend can put you off track. One tries to lose weight during weekdays and gains back all or more weight on weekend and this cycle continues. It is advisable to eat sensibly on Saturday and Sunday as well. Work towards making the right choice of food ever when you eat out. If making a healthy choice is difficult to control portion size, drink extra water and do more steps than usual.

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