Magic mushrooms may help cure depression – what are the other health benefits of the edible fungi


New Delhi: Very recently, Ketamine, a recreational drug was found to be helpful in curing addictions like that of alcohol, smoking and others. It seems like magic mushrooms are following suit, as they have passed the first test to be used as a depression treatment. The active ingredient in mushrooms, called the psilocybin, has been declared safe and well-tolerated when it was given to healthy volunteers in a study about depression.

The study was conducted by researchers at King’s College, London. When the volunteers were given the ingredient, they got high as an effect. The study compared the effect of two doses of the drug. One of the doses was a high one, more than twice as much as the lower, and 89 other volunteers were given a placebo. Another trial involving 216 patients with depression from Europe and North America will be conducted.

The most frequent observations among doctors from the study were sensory perception and positive mood alterations.

What are the other health benefits of mushrooms?

Apart from being a budding cure against depression, the health benefits of consuming mushrooms have been established by various researches and studies worldwide.

  • Mushrooms are very nutritious and contain protein, fibre, vitamin B, antioxidants like selenium, vitamin D, etc.
  • Studies have shown that mushrooms can, in fact, protect the body against various types of cancer by preventing cell damage.
  • Other health benefits of mushrooms including reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, and the risk of heart diseases.
  • Mushrooms can also help boost body functions like immunity and digestion.
  • The low fat and calorie content of mushrooms can also help in weight loss.

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