#MonsoonHacks: Reuse tea leaves for beauty and home care


There’s nothing better than sipping a hot cup of tea by the window, watching the rain on a lazy monsoon evening. While the sudden dip in the temperature comes as a welcome relief from the summer heat, it also brings with it some health irritants like common cold, skin rashes, allergy, fever and the flu. But then, who’s complaining? Consider tea your best friend this season. Drinking it not only keeps you warm and boosts immunity, it has more goodness than you can possibly imagine. Now that many of us are home, consuming more tea than ever, we are left with a lot many used tea bags or leaves that we can put to good use for our beauty and home care. Here are a few smart hacks you must try.

Used tea bags or leaves make for great wood polish. The tannins present in black tea bring out the natural shine of wood. Just swipe a few used tea bags on a wooden chair or table and then rub with a cloth to get a rich shine. The tea bags should be a bit damp but not soggy to avoid damaging the wood. To clean wooden floorings, put used tea leaves or bags in a bucket of water. Let it soak for a while before you mop. Even the scratches would disappear.

Nobody likes to see nasty grease stuck on the pan after cooking. Put a few used tea bags or leaves in the pan and fill it with hot water. Keep it overnight. The tannins in the tea will loosen up the grease and you can easily scrub it next morning. Tea bags are also effective in cleaning dirt spots on mirrors, windowpanes and even eyeglasses. Slowly rub a damp tea bag on the glass surface and wipe it clean with a tissue to see the difference.

Smelly shoes? It is a common problem during monsoon. Shoes absorb moisture and start smelling bad. Take two fresh tea bags and put them inside the shoes that smell bad. One of the coolest hacks ever, you will notice the odour has disappeared like magic.

Plants grow well when you add a little tea water to the soil once in a few days. You can also use tea leaves as a fertiliser to increase the nitrogen levels in the soil.

Green tea steam soothes itchy skin and its anti-aging properties prevent wrinkles too. It’s also a great way to clean clogged pores and keep your skin hydrated. Drop a few tea leaves in a steaming bowl of water. Lean over and let the steam wash over your face for 10 minutes. The antioxidants in the tea will leave your skin glowing. The steam inhalation will also clear up your respiratory passages when you’re down with a cold or the flu.

If you are tired and sleep deprived due to exhausting work hours, your eyes might lose their sparkle. Worry not! Place chilled tea bags over your puffy eyes for about 15 minutes. Tea has anti-irritant and antioxidant properties that reduce swelling around the eyes and relieve tiredness and inflammation.

Ideal for hair rinse

Go for black tea leaves to add shine to your frizzy hair. Brew a strong tea with old tea bags and let cool. Soak your hair in it. Let it stay for 10 minutes. Rinsing your hair with tea water also cleanses your scalp and strengthens every strand. The antioxidants in the tea promote hair growth and thwart common problems such as dry scalp and dandruff.

Tea-infused bath

There are various therapeutic benefits of tea leaves. Taking a bath with tea-infused water helps your muscles relax, especially after getting drenched in the rain. All you need to do is add some used tea bags in your bath water. Leave it for a few minutes. It is best if you drink herbal tea like chamomile or jasmine and reuse it for bathing. The relaxing smell alone is worth it. Trust us, it works better than bath salts.

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