MS Dhoni’s style evolution is so INSPIRING!

Indian cricketer and Chennai Super Kings’ captain, MS Dhoni is rocking the current season of IPL and no prizes for guessing that the Indian fans are going gaga about ‘Captain Cool’. One of India’s most successful captains ever, Dhoni is also considered to be one of the simplest sportspersons out there and that simplicity is also reflected in his style. Also, not to forget has been his style evolution. From a those long tresses and baggy jeans to a cropped haircut and camouflage pants, Dhoni has come a long way and here’s a look at his astonishing style evolution.

Those long tresses

Dhoni has sported a variety of hairstyles and each had a distinct look. He moved from long straight hair to coloured hair, but we think he looks the best with short hair. Don’t you agree?