Muskmelon: Uses, benefits & easy recipes


Muskmelon or Kharbooja as it is known in Hindi is a sweet, fleshy and juicy fruit ideal for consumption in the summer as it packs a high amount of water. Each part of muskmelon is plentiful in health benefits. It is widely cultivated in India and is loved in almost all of its regions. Also known as Cantaloupe Melon, muskmelon is loaded with antioxidants, minerals and a bunch of other wholesome qualities. It is rich in Vitamin C and betacarotene and even aids in boosting the immune system. If you are looking for reasons to add this nutritious fruit into your diet, here are the uses, benefits and easy recipes you can make with muskmelon.

Muskmelon uses

Muskmelon skin:Muskmelon skin contains particular phytochemicals that are released when boiled in water. This water can be used for providing relief from toothache. Make this concoction and let it cool. Rinse your mouth with this water once a day for maintaining your dental health.

Muskmelon seeds: Muskmelon seeds can be dried and added to foods to achieve relief from cough and pushing out the extra phlegm from the system. They can also be consumed fresh from the fruit. Just wash them under tap water to clean before adding to your dish.

Benefits of muskmelon

Boosts immunityMuskmelon is abundant in Vitamin C that boosts immunity. It equips our system with new white blood cells that stimulate the disease fighting capability of the body and helps to ward off infections successfully.

Relieves cough & cold
Seasonal changes often cause cough, cold and congestion in the nasal passageway. Having muskmelon seeds can provide relief from excess phlegm in the system and get rid of cough and cold. Add dried or fresh muskmelon seeds to your salad or yoghurt.

Controls obesity
Muskmelon is rich in fibre and very low on the glycemic index (GI) and fats. Having muskmelon keeps us satiated for long and prevents us from indulging into snacks or instant foods that can add needless calories. Muskmelons also contain a lot of water, which boosts the feeling of fullness. The fruit keeps blood sugar low and saves us from gaining excess weight.


Promotes heart health

Muskmelon has anticoagulant properties, which prevents the clotting of blood by making it thin naturally. It promotes the smooth flow of blood in our arteries and protects our blood vessels from any additional pressure. As a result, the heart does not have to work harder than it should and remains healthy!

Natural stress reliever
Having muskmelon enhances the oxygen flow to the brain. This eventually makes our mind calmer and free from stress. Add to this the delight of trying sweet and tangy muskmelon recipes, and it makes us much happier too!

Easy muskmelon recipes to try!
Muskmelon sorbet

Blend 5-6 chunky pieces of muskmelon (skin removed) into the mixer. Pour it in a freezer-friendly dish and squeeze 1 tbsp lemon juice on top. Put it in the freezer for at least one hour. The healthy, naturally sweet and super tasty muskmelon sorbet is ready to serve!

Muskmelon salad

Put 1 slit green chilli, ¼ cup fresh lemon juice, 1 tsp sugar and 1 cup water in the saucepan. Bring it to a boil until everything incorporates. Strain and set aside to cool. Chop ½ a medium papaya and 1 large muskmelon in cubes. Steep the fruits in the sugar and lemon mixture for 20 minutes. In a bowl, add 2 sliced tomatoes, 1 onion cut into rings, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp mustard paste, ½ tsp pepper and 1 tsp salt. Toss everything together. Take the papaya and muskmelon out of the mixture and serve with the onion salad as a side dish!

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