Parenting tips: 5 ways to keep your child safe from insect bites this summer season


New Delhi: During the summer season, your child spends more time outdoors, playing games with friends. However, since the summer days are very hot and children are at school, play times are mostly scheduled for the evenings, which puts the children at a greater risk of summer bites or insect bites. Insects are extremely active during the evening – mosquitoes, flies, etc. can easily get a grip of your child and sting them. Insect bites can cause itching, redness, swelling, etc. extreme cases can also cause severe swelling and pain.

The best remedies for insect bites are anti-itch creams or some home remedies that work great for such bites. However, some insects can be carriers of diseases and can pose a risk to your child’s health. It is recommended and advised that children should be kept safe from insect bites altogether. Here is how you can prevent them.


Creams, gels, patches, etc. are a few of the many repellents that you can use, according to effectiveness. Apply generous amounts of these on your child’s skin, especially the parts that are exposed or open like his/her arms, face, neck, etc. applying repellent creams is one of the most convenient ways to avoid insect bites and the risk of insect-borne diseases. You must also check DEET concentrations of your repellents and apply repellents according to the time you require them for. If you need them to last longer, choose repellents with higher DEET concentrations.

Play in safe places

Make sure your child plays in insect-safe places. Heavy woods, or planted places, or places with stagnant water can be riskier than an open playground. Insects like mosquitoes thrive more in places of stagnant water and heavy plantation and can bite your child leading to a spread of diseases and infections.

Wear the right shoes and clothes

If your child is going to be playing in areas where there are plants or grass, he/she should be dressed accordingly, to avoid and prevent insect bites. Wearing pants or full leg clothing, and tops with full sleeves are recommended as they reduce the exposure of skin to insects. Wearing shoes and socks will not only keep your child’s feet safe from injuries, dirt, etc., it will also ensure that your child does not walk barefoot on the grass, where insects could be hiding and may bite him/her.

Shower post the play-time

Since it is the summer season, there is no harm in showering twice in the day. It is recommended that your child showers after they come back from their play time. This will reduce chances fo getting any skin infections due to sweat, and will also help in reducing itchiness and redness on the skin if an insect has bitten your child.

Avoid sweet smells

Avoid spraying on perfumes with a sweet fragrance or using scented soaps. Some insects are attracted to sweet smells, and that is the last thing you want on a summer evening.

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