Pasta Salad Recipe


Pasta Salad is a quick and easy salad recipe. Made with boiled pasta and fresh vegetables, this pasta recipe is not just scrumptious, but is super easy to prepare. Pasta is one ingredient you can use in a variety of ways. The best thing about pastas is that they do not have a taste of their own and hence they easily blend in with any type of ingredient. The secret of making good pasta lies in its sauce. If you are making a main dish with pasta, ensure that the sauce is aromatic and flavourful. It is a good idea to use a lot of garlic and basil because they retain their flavour even after being cooked for a long time. If you are using tomato as the base of your sauce, cook it well so that the raw taste disappears. The various types of pastas, Fettuccine, Farfalle, Shells, Bucatini, Angel Hair and Campanelle can be used in your recipes. While making salads, you must pay attention to two things- the veggies should be fresh and the dressing should be interesting. If you are making a salad to reduce weight, then do not put too much oil or load it with cheese or your purpose will be defeated. If you have some guests coming over a nice Sunday brunch and you want to treat them with something good as well as healthy, then this is the perfect salad to go for and we bet they will love the delectable flavours used in this dish. In fact, the best thing about preparing this delicacy at home is that you can add ingredient as per your palate preference. For instance: if you are fond of meat or cottage cheese, you can add your choice of ingredients to make this pasta recipe even more interesting. If you are craving for a healthy meal, try out this delectable pasta salad. You can also carry this salad dish to work or enjoy it as a wholesome dinner.