Shocking: Model trips on the ramp and dies


In a shocking incident, a leading Brazilian male model died after tripping on his shoelace during the much-talked about Sao Paulo Fashion Week, which is underway.

Tales Soares (Cotta), a 26-year-old model from Brazil fell on the ramp during one of the shows and died in a bizarre accident.

According to reports, Soares was apparently unwell when he took to the ramp for his last show and as soon as he tripped on his shoelace, the members sitting in the audience thought the act was part of the show.

A statement from organisers suggested that model Tales Soares fell ill on Saturday while he took part in a parade for Spanish fashion label, Ocksa.

A paramedic team immediately rushed to the ramp to attend to Tales, who was later taken to the hospital, but unfortunately the model was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Though the cause of Soares’ death remains unclear, some reports suggest that he could have suffered an epileptic seizure since he was foaming from mouth at the time of his death.

A picture, that has now gone viral shows Tales lying face down on the ramp while paramedics attended to him.

“With this news, the organisation met with the brands, directors of parades, stylists and models that had parades in the programming, and was given the option to cancel them,” organisers said in a statement.

The organisers have decided to continue the show for now.

Soares was a very popular face on the ramp and print advertisements and was also an advocate for gay rights.

Here’s a look at some Instagram pictures of the model.

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