The best new skincare, makeup and wellness products to try this April


From bringing forward the simple benefits of a homemade elixir like ghee, to exploring modern-day, cutting-age inventions like specialised DNA testing, our favourite beauty and wellness finds are all across the map this month. We waxed poetic on an eyeliner we love (with styles you can try for every day of the week,) and let our favourite new makeup products steal the show.

Every region has its own secrets for supple skin. This month we take a scoop out of India’s oldest moisturising remedy… ghee. From cooking pots and religious ceremonies to grandma’s secret glow-giving ubtans, this golden elixir has been an inevitable part of every Indian household. One of the most intrinsic parts of Ayurveda, cow’s milk ghee carries with it numerous nutrients that, over time, nourish the skin and improve its vitality. In Enn’s Closet’s face moisturiser, the 100-times-washed cow’s milk ghee is mixed with sweet almond oil, cold-pressed coconut oil and kokum butter for nourishment, while the aged saffron helps even out skin tone.

Our DNA consists of approximately 3.1 billion molecules—about 1 per cent of that makes up our genes. That 1 per cent controls every function of our body. Everything we consume has to go through the genetic scan. But no gene code is perfect. Genetic defects make some of us more susceptible to diseases than others. Someone out there realised the basic theory that if you could get a blueprint of your DNA, and if someone could decipher it for you, it would technically make making lifestyle changes to suit your genetic code easier. DNA testing provides an evidence-based scientific analysis of your health based on your genes, according to which your doctor can prescribe customised solutions to improve your health. In wellness, it means identifying exactly what your body is lacking, determining if your genetic traits are linked to any diseases, like colon or breast cancer, your vulnerability towards lifestyle disorders like hypertension, and developing a prevention programme that provides personalised micronutrient recommendation. In simple terms, if you want to know exactly what you should or should not eat, drink and do, a DNA test will have all the answers. “We’ll be able to tell you what food sensitivities you have, or what workout will work best for you, aside from every recurring question you’ve ever had about your health, and your big fat DNA book can go back home with your future reference,” says Dr Geetika Mittal, whose skin clinic ISAAC will exclusively provide DNA testing services starting this month.