This is how you can start growing organic food at home


In words of Wendell Berry, we learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough? We guess, the lockdown period has surely made us think and re-think how much is actually enough? In this time of crisis, when everything is shut and we are at home, growing organic foods can actually be a good idea to ponder. If you are of the opinion and don’t have enough space, acclaimed fashion designer duo Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja of ShivanandNarresh have a got an easy solution for you. According to their recent Instagram post,”Fostering a plant gives you a feeling of connection to the earth, enhancing your life and creating a living space that is soothing to be in. Urban Farming is a way of bolstering local communities and encouraging healthier diets. By introducing this practice at your home, reward yourself the taste of fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruit, those that come from our own soil. We have been practicing organic farming at our workplace and home since many years, & would love to share our experience with you through a beginner’s guide to #SNHomeFarm.” Here’s a few steps as guided by the designer-duo that can actually help you grow your fresh organic food at home and relish a healthy lifestyle.


To begin with, look for the container in which you would like to grow your organic greens. According to Shivan and Narresh you can use scraps of furniture at home which can include old drawers, piece of furniture, wooden boxes or containers. Next is to spot a place in the house where you can expose these boxes to sunlight for 2-3 hours daily.

STEP 2 Once this is done, take mud and process kitchen waste including egg shells, fruit & vegetable peels as compost and add it to the mud. Make sure these components are added in equal parts. After mixing them to mud and once the soil turns crumbly, spread it in container make sure that the layer is at least 6 inches deep to enable plants to spread their roots. ⁣


Go back to your kitchen and collect seeds, depending upon what you want to grow. You can start with coriander seeds, tomato seeds, mustard seeds, lemon seeds, mint and basil cuttings. Simply, wow the seeds in straight rows in the soil and make sure that the seeds are planted 2-3 cm deep in the soil bed. You need to take care of the distancing so that there is free flow of air.


Keep watering the soil, keeping the weather condition in mind and expose the container for 2-3 hours daily. The idea is to keep the mud moist and let the seed grow into a plant. Once the plants start growing, water evenly around the plants to develop a healthy root system, Avoid excess watering as it may destroy the plant.


Once the greens are out (approx 15-20 days), take a scissor or a sharp knife to cut the leaves for consumption. Make sure to leave the stems to allow more leaves to grow. ⁣


Your fresh greens are ready for consumption. Make salads or juices as per your choice. To store the leaves, use containers with lid and refrigerate.

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