Top 5 ways to improve the air inside your home


With a hectic working schedule, we spend most of our time indoors. In case you are of the opinion that air pollution is restricted to outdoors then let us burst your bubble right now. Factually, the condition of indoor air is 2 to 5 times more toxic than the outside. Scandalizing, isn’t it?

We step outside with a covered face but what are we supposed to do at our homes and offices? We can’t keep the mask on all our lives. We fritter away the money on, medicines, doctor’s visits, allergies, etc. but have you ever spent a little on the air you breathe? That might solve all your major health problems.

Some of the products in our homes like insecticides, glues, shampoos, shaving creams, carpets, etc. have a chemical named Formaldehyde and it can cause fatal complications to health.


Starting out with the basics, make sure you live in a ventilated house. However, in the times of packed spaces, it is not always possible to have a home that is well-ventilated. So, make sure you don’t keep your windows closed at all times. Let your home suck in the air from outside and let the chemically heavy air out of it.

The way your body needs to inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide, similarly, your home needs to release the air that is full of chemicals.

House Plants

Congratulations, you have managed to fill your home with toxicity! Now, let’s introduce an element that will help you reduce the content of chemicals in the air of your home. When products in your home are releasing ammonia, formaldehyde, and benzene, you need something to safeguard your lungs. Houseplants do the job for you.

For efficient air purification, you might introduce plants like Peace Lily, Lady Palm or Broadleaf Lady Palm. All of these plants need indirect sunlight, so maintaining them won’t be a hassle.

Salt Lamps
Salt crystals help in absorbing water vapor from the air. This helps in reducing the content of airborne irritants, pathogens, and allergens from the air you breathe in your home. Adding one of these lamps in your room or your desk will not just give a chic look to your home but it will also help you in breathing better quality of air.

These lamps will be doing the job even when turned off. However, when turned on, the process is faster and better.

Activated Charcoal

The odorless, highly-absorptive quality of active carbon helps in absorbing the impurities from the air. Introducing it in your living space might help you take in air that will actually be good for your health.

You may also consider putting bamboo charcoal in the room to purify the air around you.

Essential Oils

When you put essential oils in your room, no viruses, fungi, bacteria or even mold can exist in your room. This may include essential oils like cinnamon, oregano, rosemary, thyme, grapefruit, lemon, clove, tea tree and others.

According to research, these oils can kill up to 99.96% airborne bacteria. So, what is stopping you from bringing this change to your home?


Air purifiers are the real deal but why not start with these minor changes to have better air and better health? This is the time you move step by step towards a safer home that helps you breathe fresh air.

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