Walnut Raspberry Salad Recipe


Walnut Raspberry Salad and Raspberry Vinaigrette recipe is delicious delight, which will not only fill your stomach but also satiate the foodie in you. Made using raspberry puree, walnuts, raspberries, baby spinach, red onions, sea salt, apple cider vinegar and black pepper, this salad recipe is loaded with nutrients that help in boosting your immunity and improve blood circulation in body. The best thing about this Continental recipe is that it can be prepared with in 15 minutes and thus can be easily tossed if any unexpected guests arrive. Occasions like kitty parties, buffets, game nights and family get-togethers are apt to relish this vegetarian recipe and will surely leave everyone astounded with its mouth-watering flavors. Prepare this easy recipe for your family this weekend and watch them go for a round two of this tasty delight!