Want younger skin? Here is all you need to know about botox facial treatments for radiant, brighter face


New Delhi: Botox facials are ideally called rejuvenating facials. They provide a 360-degree improvement to the skin. Botox has been used for a long time in medical science for various skin problems and various other issues also such as nervous disorders and muscular disorders. But in aesthetics, it is definitely used as one of the most potent anti-ageing treatments.

Here is all you need to know about a botox facial, and its effects on your skin.

Procedure to undergo a Botox facial

Botox shrinks pores and gives skin a smooth, even sheen. When we do a Botox facial we do it with a meso botox; i.e., the dilution of botox is at least three times more than the normal botox we use for a fine line treatment. In this procedure, what we do is that after the essential cleaning up of the skin, the botox is infused into the skin, either through a needle mesotherapy or through a non-mesotherapy, depending upon the kind of result the client is looking at. After this, this is closed with a pack. You can go for a zero mesotherapy after a botox, and this totally depends on the requirement of the client.

What is the result?

The result of the treatment is actually a tighter, firmer and shinier skin. The results start showing after about 24 hours and can last for about a month. The skin brightens up and your makeup and products will go on a lot smoother. You can definitely consider this as an overall rejuvenation of your skin which will also reflect on your persona, as when you look good, you feel good.

Who should get this done?

People who are looking to have a younger, tighter and more radiant skin should go for this procedure. For somebody who wants to go for a good pre-bridal treatment, this makes a perfect base for your skin for your big day. Somebody who has an important event to attend, or somebody who doesn’t want an injection but still wants a tighter skin. Botox Facials are one of the most advanced anti-ageing facials that one person can have to get younger and radiant skin.

(Disclaimer: The author, Dr Prerna Taneja, Oral cancer specialist/LASER specialist/Medical Cosmetologist, is a guest contributor and a part of our medical expert panel. Views expressed are personal)

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