Weight Loss: 5 Lockdown Snacks In Under 100 Calories


In the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, the nation-wide lockdown has extended yet again, albeit with few relaxations in certain regions. It has been quite a task to acclamatise to the new ways. With movements restricted and lack of interaction with the outer world, we are spending more time with ourselves and it is a perfect time to actualise goals you had set for yourself long back. If weight loss was one of them, you have arrived at the right place.

Snacking is an essential component of a sustainable weight loss diet. According to experts, it is ideal to divide our daily meals into several small meals, and keep our snack options healthy and light. If there are packets of chips and namkeens lying around, it is natural for you to tend towards them, but since your physical activity level is minimal – you should perhaps think more about restricting those unwanted calories.

If you are having a tough time cutting back on a few calories, here are some ideas that would fill you up, sans unnecessary addition to calorie load. What if we tell you that all these snacks are under 100 calories?

1. Kacchi Kairi or Kacche Aam With Masala

It is the season of mangoes, and we just love the fruit in all its avatar – be it raw or ripe. Kacchi Kairi or kacche aam happens to be a favourite of celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Deepika Padukone too!

So the next time you get hit by cravings, just cut 4-6 thin slices of raw mango and enjoy it with a sprinkle of chaat or goda masala.

2. Yogurt With Fruits And Seeds

A small bowl of yogurt with a mix of berries and seeds (chia, flax, pumpkin) also makes for a wholesome snack that you can down without the guilt of calorie load.

3. Carrot And Hummus

This low-carb, low-cal snack is ideal for those planning to shed a few pounds. Carrots are high in fibre that helps aid digestion and weight loss. Hummus is a super simple Mediterranean dip made out of high-protein chickpeas. Three baby carrots with about two tablespoon of hummus could make for a filling snack for you.

4. One Cup Of Strawberries

Did you know that a 100 gram serving of strawberries comprises only 32 calories?! Go chow down a cup of strawberries today, that too guilt-free.

5. One Hard-Boiled Egg

One hard-boiled egg with yolk also contains less than 100 calories, so there is no real need to toss away the yolk, unless you have been advised to by your trainer or nutritionist. Enjoy the egg with a sprinkle of black pepper for a more flavourful experience.

Try these snack ideas and let us know how you liked them in the comments below!

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