Weight Loss: Drink This Wonder Juice At Bedtime To Cut Down Belly Fat


We all want a fit body but losing extra fat is a mean task. It’s daunting how we break sweat to shed kilos but still struggle with that stubborn belly fat that just refuses to go. That paunch surrounding our tummy is reminiscent of all our tasty food escapades. While relishing those fatty, oily and cheesy foods filled our heart with joy, it also filled our tummy with layers of fat. And, we all know how extremely difficult it is to get rid of it. Even after a series of crunches and hours of fasting, we may not achieve our weight loss goals completely. What if we tell you that by just gulping down a delicious juice you can blast off that belly fat?

That’s true. This green juice made with cucumber and parsley can accelerate your weight loss journey and can show miraculous results, if consumed regularly. Belly flattening cucumber-parsley juice has taken the world of fitness by storm and it is believed that drinking it every day at bedtime can reduce bloating around the stomach like magic.

Cucumber And Parsley: A Deadly Combination

Both cucumber and parsley are popular health-giving vegetables and aside from aiding weight loss, provide a lot of other benefits for overall wellness.

Cucumber has high water and fibre content and almost no calories. In fact, 1 cucumber contains only 45 calories and it helps in burning excessive calories by propelling the digestion process. Parsley is known for its mild diuretic properties and high minerals and vitamins content. It not just enhances flavours as a dressing in salads and pastas, but also alleviates water retention and targets fat accumulated in the body.

How To Make Cucumber-Parsley Juice –

Ingredients –
1 cucumber, diced
A bunch of parsley
Half teaspoon grated ginger
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Method –
Combine all the ingredients and blend together in a juice till it all turns into a chunk-free liquid form.

The best part about the juice is that it will taste great while you slurp your way to a slimmer body. Drink this juice every day at night at least 1 hour after dinner to reap its maximum weight loss benefits. Our metabolism is slowest at night. That’s why we are advised to eat light for dinner as our digestion system is not that active as it is during the day. This concoction of cucumber, parsley, lemon and ginger boosts the digestion system and breaks down food faster while you sleep peacefully.

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