Weight loss: How Giloy juice helps in losing weight


Giloy is an Ayurvedic herb which is well known for its therapeutic properties. From its stem, leaves, flowers to its roots, this herb has abundant medicinal properties. It is known as “Amrita” in Sanskrit which literally translates to “the roots and stems of immortality.”

The leaves of these plants are heart-shaped, which is why it is also known as heart-leaved moonseed. It is commonly found in the tropical regions of India and has several medicinal benefits. Commercially, it is sold in a variety of options including paste form, powder form, juice and even capsules.

Giloy juice for weight loss
One of the most important medicinal values of giloy juice is aiding weight loss. Infact, giloy juice is also known to boost immunity and metabolism of the body, which further leads to weight loss. This juice of this medicinal plant also improves the health of your gut, which makes it a pretty popular remedy to weight loss.

How to consume giloy for weight loss?

It is important to understand that giloy works in combination with other plants like aloe vera or shilajit to aid digestion and helps in losing weight. If you want to try giloy herb for weight loss, you can take half a gram of giloy juice and mix a dollop of honey in it. You can have this drink on an empty stomach early in the morning.

Depending on your taste, you can also consume it along with buttermilk.

The bottom line

Giloy is advantageous for any bowel-related issues. Piles, constipation or indigestion, giloy is known to cure it all. A powerhouse of antioxidants, it also helps in fighting the free radicals to keep your cells healthy.

A word of warning:
Giloy is safe for children who are aged five years and above. However, it shouldn’t be given for more than one to two weeks.

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