Weight loss: How you can make a healthy winter snack to ensure weight loss


New Delhi: If you follow a weight loss diet, you definitely and most probably have a chart that specifies what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But when one prepares these charts, they often forget that three meals are not enough to curb hunger, and one many feel hungry in between meals. Since we do not plan the snacks, we often fall into the trap of eating junk and unhealthy food for snacks, which can mess up our weight loss diet.

Mid-day snacks have to be healthy, nutritious and weight-loss friendly. Chips, fried food, etc can make for tasty snacks but compromise on health and calorie count. Therefore, here is a healthy weight-loss friendly, winter snack idea, to ensure that you achieve your weight loss goals, this winter season.

Green peas chaat for a mid-day snack for weight loss

Green peas are abundantly available during the winters. While one can use frozen green peas during the summers, the nutritional value and taste of fresh green peas are surely missed during the hot summers. Green peas are seasonally available, and should therefore be consumed as much as possible, to avail all their benefits for health. Here is how you can make tasty and healthy Green peas chaat.

Making green peas chaat is a very quick process, that requires very minimum steps. Take a bowl and place it on the stove with some water. As the water turns a little warm, add a cup of green pea pods to it. Let the water heat, and the green pea pods boil in it. The pods will become soft. Drain and transfer the pods to a serving bowl. Add chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies, salt, and lemon juice to the pods, and mix. Add red chilli powder if you wish.

Garnish with some coriander leaves. The green peas chaat is ready to serve.

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